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Independent and regional ebooks from the Andes

BiblioAndina is the first e-book delivery platform for libraries focused on promoting independent and regional literature from the Andes.


Discover a world of independent and regional literature from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. At BiblioAndina, we connect the authentic voices of the Andes with libraries around the world.


Immerse yourself in a treasure of unique works, highlight diversity and promote the culture of the Andes. 

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Independent and regional books are essential, as they reflect and express through their publications the thinking, philosophies, creativity and research of the people of the popular sector of each country. These are voices that do not have the support of major publishing labels or multinationals, but have the ability to speak from the depths of a nation. That is why these editorials deserve to be read and made visible.

Now, those minority, diverse, regional, isolated, unique and independent publishers are within reach on the first and only digital content delivery platform for international libraries: BiblioAndina. Our mission is to give visibility, dissemination and distribution to these magnificent works and books in electronic format for libraries around the world.


What we offer:

With BiblioAndina get access to high-quality independent works from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador that would hardly reach the library in printed format. Enrich your collection with unique literary gems.

"Born Digital" works

Access books and works of an independent and regional nature from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador that were originally born in digital format ("born digital") and that are not planned for printing. Expand your collection with unique and exclusive content that reflects the authentic voices of the Andean region.

Real Time Statistics

Librarians responsible for your library will have real-time access to detailed statistics. This will allow them to verify what content has been read by their users, making it easier to manage and make informed decisions about acquiring future content. Maintain complete and efficient control of your collection.

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Access to Exclusive Material

Access independent and regional material never before offered on electronic platforms, such as the Fanzine Library or the Comics Library. All this content is independent and regional in nature from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, providing its users with a unique experience of exploration and discovery.

Marc Records and Complete Cataloging

Receive Marc Records with a Full RDA Cataloging level including keyword metadata. Easily discover books by key topics, such as: LGBT literature, gender studies, Afro, migration, feminism, social protest and many others. Make it easy to find and access relevant content for your community of readers.

A true solution for libraries with an interest in independent and regional

Seamless Integration with your Discoverer System

BiblioAndina offers optimal integration with your library's discovery system. Thanks to Marc Records with complete cataloging of all books, and integrations with industry discoverers, such as integration with the EBSCO discoverer, your users will be able to easily access and discover the content that BiblioAndina offers. Simplify the search and access process for your community of readers.

Downloading and Printing Content:

At BiblioAndina, your library users have the ability to download or print reasonable portions of the contracted content. This provides unique flexibility, as many other content delivery platforms for libraries do not allow these options. Empower your users to explore and use content in the way that best suits them.

Promoting the Dissemination of Independent Publishers since 2017:

BiblioAndina a product supported by Enhacore Books.


At Enhacore Books, we have been committed to promoting the dissemination and distribution of independent publishers from the Andes to International Libraries since 2017. We have made independent publishing a central specialty in our Collection Development approach.
This experience has allowed us to deeply understand the needs of libraries and the challenges of independent publishers. We are determined to provide libraries with access to valuable and authentic content that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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What our clients say

"Great book supplier for any subject related to Latin American studies: competitive prices and speedy deliveries. Highly recommended!"

Bodleian Libraries - University of Oxford

University of Pittsburgh

"An efficient provider that uses innovative technology to keep the clients well informed of the services that they are receiving. With charts and images of the materials shipped, the clients are kept informed of the execution of approval plans. The selection of the materials is well donate.
It was a nice experience to work with you and we hope that there will be other opportunities to do so. (And we wish we could go and travel to Colombia one day!)

Librairie - Swiss

Custom Contracting:

At BiblioAndina, we offer you flexibility in subscription plans. You can choose to purchase by areas of interest, specific collections, individual selection of titles, number of books or even choose to purchase all of BiblioAndina Library. This means your library can subscribe strategically, selecting content that will truly add value to your collection, without paying for what you don't need.

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Our platform allows you to access the best independent and regional books from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in an easy and secure way. Start enjoying reading right now!

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